It’s Friday.  The end of the week and a great time to reflect on what was “in the air” at Cultivated Coaching and on the minds of many this week:

Discipline is one of the key qualities that successful people have in common.  Taking regular and consistent action over time very likely yields the results you are seeking.

What is it that you want to accomplish?  Now, choose 2 – 4 behaviors that you’re willing to commit to doing each week that, when completed regularly over time, will allow you to accomplish your goal. What are those behaviors?
Write them down.  Now, when will you start doing them?  Write that down.  Now, get started.

There’s something to be said about authentic, direct, clear, and consistent feedback. We all long to know where we stand with others at work and in our personal lives.  What am I doing exceptionally well? What areas might I consider improving?  How did I mess up?  What did my gesture mean to you?

Why not help people in your life by sharing regular feedback? It is one of the greatest things we can do for others and it invites the same from them.

Be known for being candid. It’s refreshing, real, and unique.

Bringing “Stuff” to the Table
We often look at others in our work and personal lives and think  about the challenges they present.  Everyone brings their own “stuff” to the table in terms of work and communication style.

What “stuff” do you bring? How does your “stuff”, combined with their “stuff”, create complexity? What are you willing to take responsibility for? What new behavior, if you formed one, could make an incredible impact to improving a challenging situation you’re currently faced with?

Take inventory of your “stuff” and think about what you want to keep and what could be donated in order to make room for develop new behaviors and greater abilities.

Throw it Against the Wall
There’s something to be said about fast and imperfect. It’s the art of taking risk. Instead of taking too long, becoming overwhelmed, and inviting endless delay, take that creative idea you’ve had in your head for a while and throw it against the wall. Get moving, get creating, and make it happen.

You could make a mess. Or, you could make a million.

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