Putting it on the Backburner

By October 26, 2010Career

When experiences are new or challenging, we have a tendency to put things on the backburner until we really must address them to move forward.  The same is true of my personal experiences in business.

I’d be lying if I tried to convince you that the past two years have been easy. I didn’t just decide to start the business and then focus every single resource, skill, and minute I had on it. There have been plenty of “stops and starts”, “can’t do its”, “things are good enough the way they are so why go changings?”, and “I just don’t want tos”. My list of excuses was endless and my fear of failure has been significant. I actually could have fast forwarded through the launch of the business in well under a year but there were periods of fear and uncertainty that held me back.

As time passed though, it became more clear that doing nothing for the sake of not changing just wasn’t good enough. I realized that keeping life “as is” meant that I was effectively putting my life on hold. As time passed, I realized the significant impact that I was having on my career and other areas of my life by sitting still. I also found that I wasn’t able to shut down my own ambition. For as strong as fear of the unknown and uncertainty can be, ambition and motivation can be even stronger. I simply wasn’t able to keep shutting the door on something that I believed so strongly in and wanted to do so much. Eventually, ambition overcame the fear of failure enough so that I made the break and decided to go for it.

To overcome the fear, I made a commitment to myself to do something in pursuit of the business every single day. Whether it involved reading, writing, networking, coaching, or business planning, I signed up to do one thing every day. It didn’t matter if I spent 5 minutes or 5 hours on any particular day, I committed to making something happen, no matter what, every single day.

What I’ve learned along the way is that taking action, no matter how big or how small, helps me to overcome my fear, make progress, and feed my ambition. Each daily action helps me to grow, change, and move in the direction of where I want and choose to go. It keeps the “can’t do its” at bay and helps me put a tight lid on the “you’re never gonna make it happens”. Each day belongs to me and I get to define and dedicate my effort to moving in the direction I choose every single time.

How about you? What do you do to move forward despite fear or uncertainty?

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