Top 10 Reasons Not to Postpone Your Job Search Until the New Year

By October 25, 2010Career
  1. Great companies are hiring now through the end of the year.
  2. It takes time to form relationships and network with companies and people of interest.  You can make a lot of great contacts between now and January 1.
  3. While decision makers and hiring managers take time off during the holidays, it isn’t a 6 week coffee break.  Connect with key people at companies to understand what they’re looking for, who they need, and what they’re up to.
  4. Business and hiring decisions are made even in December.
  5. You’ll be using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn anyway through the holidays, why not use them for your job search, too?
  6. You can get in front of hiring managers and be the top candidate on their list even before job openings are posted.
  7. It feels great to be in action and moving toward your goals.
  8. It won’t feel like you’re starting over in January if you keep up your job search momentum between now and December.
  9. You know it’s time for a change and a new job. Why put it off?
  10. Landing a great new job would be a wonderful gift to you.

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