The Green Volkswagen Beetle Theory

By November 17, 2010Uncategorized

I have found myself thinking a lot lately about coincidences. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, this very topic came up at a conference I attended over the weekend. Is there really such a thing as a “coincidence”? Or, do desired situations and opportunities present themselves to us when we’re ready for them?

A friend and I were talking recently about the power of stating an intention and what can result from it. There are a lot of names for this theory. We call it the “Green Volkswagen Beetle Theory”. Simply, once we state what we want, in this case a green Volkswagen Beetle, it becomes available to us. We pass green Volkswagen Beetles on the street. We see advertisements for them. Our friends bring them up in conversation. Someone introduces us to someone else who knows someone who is selling their green Volkswagen Beetle.

What seems to happen, often within days, is that opportunities and situations in support of our declared intention become available to us. When we’re ready, and we declare what we want most, we begin to see situations shape in our desired direction. It’s really quite powerful. And, never by accident.

I decided to try out the Green Volkswagen Beetle theory for myself. There are two very significant goals that I wish to accomplish in the coming year. Both goals are very important to me, but I’ve been on and off about them for a number of years. On Sunday, I declared that I’m ready. I wrote each goal on a piece of paper and placed them in an envelope. I’ve tucked the envelopes away and will come back to them once I’ve achieved each goal.

Now that I’ve declared my purpose, I’m going to take steps to make each goal a reality. Each day, I’ll take action toward achieving my goals.

So, how does this Green Volkswagen Beetle Theory work?

  • Declare something you want in your life.
  • Create action to put you in the direction of what you’ve declared.
  • Set meaningful goals to move you in that direction.
  • Do something, no matter how big or small, every day that moves you in that direction.
  • Reflect frequently on your goals.
  • Be disciplined about building on your actions each week so that you can see and feel progress toward your stated intention.

Once you’ve declared something you want and begin to take steps toward it, watch and see what happens. What possibilities present themselves to you? Over 90 days, how many green Volkswagen Beetles do you see? Note: no “slug bugging” allowed …

I’ll keep you posted on my journey. Something tells me it’s going to come together. I’m already moving in a direction of accomplishment and intention.

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