Stuck on the Middle

Let’s say you and a friend are planning to drive across the country. Except you are taking separate cars. And you’re each left to choose your individual route. Now, let’s say your friend chose to leave on the first of the month and you are leaving on the 15th. She’s already there; you’re still packing. You’d never look at this situation and feel like she was more competent than you at getting across the country. She just had her own journey.

When we look at our goals and where we want to be, it’s easy to look at others in your industry or peer group and admire their success. You can pick up tips and let their experience guide you in your own journey, but don’t compare yourself to someone who’s already in the middle of their journey while you’re only at the beginning of yours.

Are they in year 5 while you’re in year 1? Enjoy your beginning, look for inspiration, and focus on where you are in the process.

– Jackie Simon

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