Helpworking … The New Networking

By September 8, 2011Career, Taking Action

You’re not good at networking. You’re too shy – too introverted. You like your routine and familiar surroundings. But today’s networking is not about working the room at a fabulous conference or shaking hands & kissing babies at a Republican convention.

The new approach to networking is about helping each other, or “helpworking.” How can you help someone make a connection to change careers? Who will this guy introduce you to that may shed new light on a business problem?

Let’s face it. In one way or another, you help people every day. When you look at networking as “helpworking,” it becomes far more familiar. Go in to your next event with the approach of, “How can I help you?” and truly find some way to help someone. You’ll may be surprised about your return on investment!

–  Jackie Simon

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