“I’ve always known _____ about myself”

By September 21, 2011Career

A friend of mine remodeled her parents’ spare bathroom. Tore down the dated wallpaper. Repainted. Removed knick-knacks. Added fresh flowers. Changed the towels and rug. Then, inspired by the “before and after” of her work, she moved on to the kitchen — painting the 1970s dark brick backsplash a softer cream color.

She was 16. Her parents were out of town.

Gutsy move. But clearly she was compelled by an unstoppable force. Even at a tender age, she knew she loved “making things better,” decorating, designing, makeovers, and remodeling. Today she is in the creative world, making things better, designing, branding – and gets paid for it.

How often have you found yourself saying “I’ve always known ____ about myself”? How young were you when you realized your true calling? When it comes to relationships, career, hobbies, or interests, tune in to what you’ve always known. At the core is a major clue to something you were born to do.

– Jackie Simon

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