Needs vs. Requirements

By September 15, 2011Career, Taking Action

We’ve gotta give it to Maslow. When it comes to needs, he really hit the nail on the head with all that survival, social needs, and self actualization stuff. But if he were alive now, he’d probably refine the pyramid to include a Lincoln MKX, a corner office, and upward mobility. You know, stuff we NEED.

But what are your requirements? What do you require to grow, develop, and flourish personally and professionally? What are your values and what do you stand for? We often give to others what we need, or what we think they need, but how often do we share what we require? How clear are your colleagues, boss, friends, and family about your requirements? More importantly, how clear have you been?

Give some thought to what you need vs. what you require. When put in these terms, you may find you receive more of what you want from others as a result of sharing what you require.

– Jackie Simon


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