Finding what you love to do

What’s an easy way to discover the work you love to do? Grab a piece of paper for me, will ya? (Or, open Excel and start formatting Column A and B with fancy fonts.)

In column A write “What do I love to do?”

In column B write:  “How do I do it?”

Now, start filling in the list. For example, maybe you wrote, “I love to design” in column A.

In column B you might have things like, “I create invitations for friends,” or “I make killer Powerpoint slides.” Keep going as long as possible in both columns.

Now step back and take a look. See any themes?

Next, add a third column: “How can I do more of what I love?” Brainstorm a list of ways, whether as a hobby or a job, that you can do more of what you love. What two things from that list can you accomplish in 2012? What are the smallest steps you can take to make them happen?

– Jackie Simon

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