What’s Next?

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“What’s Next?” Workshop

– Are you wondering what to do with your life?

– Do you have lots of ideas but you’re unsure of the direction to head?

– Are you stuck in a job you do not enjoy just to pay the bills?

– Are you wondering what’s next for you?

Make 2012 the year you make that change you’ve been thinking about. Whether you still wonder what’s next for you or you have the answer but lack the structure to move ahead, let us support you to take a step in the right direction.

Whether you’re a parent considering re-entering the work world or a long-time professional considering other options, this workshop is meant for you.

Join us for an evening focused on meaningful questions to help you to uncover the step or steps you’d like to take in 2012.

The Details

Date:  Planned for an evening in January 2012.  Details on the date will follow shortly.


For more information, and to reserve your spot, please contact:

Jackie Trepanier

Career Development Coach

Cultivated Coaching


ph:  248.971.0875

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