You already know you should dress for the job you want…

…but did you know you also need to be the job you want?

Many mid-level managers and even experienced leaders clock in each day, do a great job, and sit back and wait to be promoted. Someone’s bound to notice your hard work eventually, right? Hmm.

To boost your chances of getting promoted, don’t wait until you get the title. Be the role you want now. Show your boss and colleagues you’re ready for more. Demonstrate leadership among your peers. Provide mentorship to new team members. Shadow senior leaders in meetings. You’ll gain exposure to greater responsibilities and strategic or operational thinking. It will also make the transition easier once you do get promoted, as your acclimation to the increased responsibilities will be that much smoother.

Show your leadership team that you’re a promotable candidate, not because you could theoretically do more, but because you’re already doing more.

– Janice Pollard and Jackie Trepanier

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