Don’t back out on a good hair day

We’ve all been there. Your hair grows and grows, and at some point it starts to look a little…disheveled. Flat. Ready for a refresh. But a few days pass, and you keep saying, “I really need a haircut,” letting the situation fester. Day after day, you look in the mirror and get more dismayed because you’ve been too busy to make an appointment. BUT! Appointment Day finally comes, and miraculously you wake up with awesome hair. How does that happen?! Naturally, you consider cancelling and rescheduling for a more convenient time.

But your inner voice says, “there will always be a more convenient time, a more urgent time, a more desperate time.”

Don’t let a good hair day spoil your career goals either. If there’s a conversation you’ve been needing to have or a project you need to fix, set a deadline and do it on that day, no matter what. There will always be good days and bad days, but if the underlying issue remains, it’s time to just sit in the chair and get it done.

– Janice Pollard and Jackie Trepanier

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