Acknowledging 2014

By December 29, 2014Taking Action

My guess, if you’re like many of us, is that you’ve called it a day on 2014 and turned the page.  What you’ve probably also done is skipped past acknowledging all that you accomplished or experienced in 2014. While it’s important to be pointed toward the future and possibilities for 2015, it’s equally important to take some time to acknowledge and celebrate what you accomplished.

Before you get too far into the new year, take a few minutes to make a list of the things you accomplished in 2014.

Did you:

  • Save money despite uncertainty at work?
  • Take a trip?
  • Reconnect with an old friend?
  • Take up a new hobby?
  • Read any books that became your new favorites?
  • Visit the doctor for your annual physical?
  • Set a goal?
  • Achieve your goal?
  • Take a risk?
  • Get a pet?
  • Go outside your comfort zone?
  • Update your resume?
  • Leave a job?
  • Start a new job?
  • Fall in love?
  • Say “I love you”?
  • Fall out of love?
  • Complete home improvement projects?
  • Start exercising?
  • Run a 5k? Maybe a marathon?
  • Lose weight?
  • Get promoted?
  • Welcome a baby into your family or celebrate the birth of a baby with friends?
  • Volunteer?
  • Make a new friend?
  • End a friendship?
  • Move? Maybe out of state?
  • Ask a friend or relative for help?
  • Help someone else?
  • Watch less TV?
  • Ask someone out on a date?
  • Get engaged or married?
  • Plan meals and make dinner 4 out of 7 nights a week?
  • Take a new route to work?
  • Face adversity and become all the stronger for it?
  • Have a breakthrough?
  • Maybe a breakdown?
  • Learn something about yourself?
  • Do something because you really wanted to?
  • Set a new boundary?
  • Start a new chapter?
  • End a chapter?

2014 was quite a year, wasn’t it?  Well done.

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