Taking Charge of Your Career – Personalized Career Coaching

By January 5, 2015Career

Taking Charge of Your Career – Personalized Career Coaching 

This program is geared toward helping business professionals evaluate life priorities and direction to ensure balance in moving forward in their lives. Key focus areas include:

  • Providing a supportive and honest relationship that permits individuals to identify and address key life issues
  • Promoting decision making
  • Identifying successful career strategies moving forward

The Benefits

  • Transform uncertainty into clarity
  • Provide clear sense of priorities and direction
  • Revitalize and reenergize individuals to pursue his/her future
  • Foster optimism

The Career Planning Program includes:

  • Exploring and defining personal values, interests, skills and abilities
  • Establishing personal and professional goals
  • Resume feedback

Program Length: Four one-on-one phone coaching sessions (1 hour per week)

Investment: $350

Contact me at Jackie@cultivatedcoaching.com to get started!

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