Calling “Shotgun!” Won’t Put You in the Front Seat

By February 4, 2015Leadership

LeadershipNextLevelTheTalentAdvisorsSo often, I hear leaders say, “My team has stalled. They lack creativity and don’t think outside the box. They’re not innovating or taking our business to the next level. I’m the one pointing out our growth areas and pulling the weight. It’s frustrating. I have to do everything.”

The best way to solve that issue? Jump in the back seat. Yeah, as a kid it’s fun to call “shotgun” and sit in the front seat – maybe even now as you sit in the driver’s seat at a leadership level. But the truth is, if you’re always the one driving, you’ll always be the one driving. (Write that one down!)

Hop in the back and provide navigational support – or even just snacks. Give team members a chance to figure it out, map out a plan, and arrive with new solutions. In other words, get the hell out of the way. Then, even if the task doesn’t get done “your” way, follow it up with sincere recognition and acknowledgment. You’ll be surprised what you see along the route.

– Jackie Simon

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