What’s on your “Yeah, but …” List?

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(I love this kid. I bet he had a whole list of “yeah, buts” about going back to school.)

During the process of discovering or doing what we’re passionate about, it’s easy to become sidelined by fear, change, and other limitations.  Most often, the barriers to pursuing what we want most are self-imposed, yet easy to identify.  They are often buried in the “yeah, but”. Our “yeah, buts” can creep into most areas of our life whether it’s related to relationships, career, education, money, fitness, or any area that is important to us.

Here are a few examples of “yeah, buts” …

1. Yeah, but I don’t have the time to go back to school to [fill in the blank].

2. Yeah, but with everything going on in my life right now, I don’t feel comfortable making room for [fill in the blank].

3. Yeah, but it’s too late for me to make a change.

4. Yeah, but how would my family feel about [fill in the blank]?

5. Yeah, but someone else is so much better than I am at [fill in the blank].

6. Yeah, but I don’t have the experience to pursue [fill in the blank].

7. Yeah, but I don’t have the necessary training or credentials to [fill in the blank].

8. Yeah, but [fill in the blank] could mean significant financial changes.

9. Yeah, but it will take me years to achieve [fill in the blank].

10. Yeah, but I don’t want to start over.

Does this list look familiar? Whether you say your “yeah, buts” out loud or to yourself, what is on your list? More importantly, how did you overcome them?


Jackie Simon

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