Your Dream Job is Not Posted on the Internet

If you’re starting to explore other opportunities, you may be in for a surprise out there. Your next job is likely not living in a job posting on CareerBuilder or Indeed. And it’s not in a holding pattern “until the economy turns around.” It’s probably already waiting for you, it’s just that your future boss hasn’t had the time to create it. (Hint: here’s where you come in.)

Your dream opportunity will likely surface as the result of bolstering your LinkedIn profile, poking holes in your network, making some new connections, and having many informal conversations.

Start researching companies online to explore lifestyle fit, corporate values, (and yes, even any current postings). Read articles to find out where a company is focusing efforts now, but also how you could help them get to the next level. Think about your talents, see what’s happening in your field, and figure out which companies may need someone just like you.

After all, don’t you have more power over your future than

– Jackie Simon

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