Top 10 Leader Faux Pas

By November 1, 2017Leadership

We all need to brush up on our leadership etiquette. Here’s a quick list of key areas we fall victim to from time to time.

Think of your actions over the past week as you read the list below and score yourself 5 points for each “Yes” and 0 points for each “No.”

  1. Arriving late.
  2. Checking your phone/laptop during meetings.
  3. Lacking an agenda.
  4. Failing to make direct eye contact.
  5. Neglecting to greet co-workers when you arrive at work.
  6. Taking calls on speakerphone when others are within hearing range.
  7. Walking ahead of team members instead of side-by-side.
  8. Embarrassing people publicly.
  9. Interrupting others.
  10. Forgetting to say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.”

Your Score:

How’d you do?

If you scored fewer than 10 points, I’d say you’re conscientious of your actions as a leader. Great job! Keep your self-awareness high by revisiting this list from time to time.

Did you score more than 10 points? Now is a great time to regroup, think about how you would like to be perceived as a leader, and start making some key changes so you’re bringing your best self to your team. Remember, being respected as a leader means treating your co-workers with the same respect.

Did you recently correct a leadership faux pas? If so, tell me about it!


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